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Health Screening

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PrimaNora Medical Centre reaches out to the community from a unique angle where the well being of our clients exceed other commitments.

The essence of regular health screening is simply to ensure that you stay in the ‘pink of health’. Health screening is a snapshot of your health to detect unsuspected symptoms for which effective specific treatment can be given. In majority of cases, early diagnosis is a first step towards successful treatment.

When you lead a healthy lifestyle, you generally need fewer healthcare services. Keeping in mind the pressure at home and at the office, we have developed a number of time-efficient yet comprehensive check-up programmes to suit your individual needs which allows you to make informed and intelligent decision for your well being.


  • Definite understanding of your health status – The do’s and dont’s.
  • Personalized specialist’s care and treatment.
  • Value added services provided at preferred rates.
  • Services satisfaction guaranteed.

At PrimaNora Medical Centre we provide:

Upon Completion of your screening, a full medical report will be provided with the necessary recommendations and health education. The report also includes interpretation of all laboratory, imaging and diagnostic results. Please retain your report and images safely for your next annual screening.

Pre-Screening Preparations

  1. Twelve-hour fasting is required prior to the appointment, however plain water is permissible.
  2. If you are required to take blood samples, please come thirty (30) minutes prior to your appointment, as for female patients, please come one (1) week after your menstrual.
  3. You are also advised to postpone any routine morning medication until your blood sample is taken. Light refreshment will be made available after your screening.
  4. Please bring along the following:

a. MyKad (Foreigners, please present your passport).
b. Previous medical report (up to 3 years ago) existing medications and supplements if any.
c. Sports gear and running shoes if you are scheduled for the treadmill test.
d. Guarantee letter if your company is sponsoring your visit. Otherwise, cash payment in full is required.


Please call one (1) day in advance to make appointment.

Please call 03-77282886 or contact us to make an appointment today!

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