With our calm serenity and personalized services, PrimaNora Medical Centre provides the perfect ambience to ensure that every individual feels special, besides offering a comprehensive and dedicated one-stop breast care centre that provides a full range of breast health services for women.

Early detection is the key to successful cancer treatment and it is only at PrimaNora Medical Centre that you can be assured of a thorough, highly accurate mammogram from experienced professional who focus exclusively on breast care.

  • Consultations, Assessment & Treatment for Breast Lumps, Pain or Discharge.
  • Quick Evaluation & Rapid Diagnosis of Breast Problems.
  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment & Counseling.
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Breast Ultrasound.
  • On-site Mammography Screening & Breast Ultrasound for Early Detection of Breast Cancer.

Every Women Deserves GREAT CARE

PrimaNora Medical Centre offers the versatile and reliable mammography system, MAMMOMAT 3000 NOVA (DR) offering screening and diagnostic work-up and capabilities in a single unit. Furthermore, magnification, needle localisation and specimen radiography are some of the features of this system.

Who Should Receive Screening Mammogram?

It is recommended that women begin receiving screening mammograms every one or two years at 40 years of age. Beginning at age 50, mammography should be performed every year.

What Is Screening Mammography?

Mammography is a screening tool that searchers for cancer when there are no symptoms of a health problem. Mammography allows the recognition of tiny, not yet palpable changes in breast tissue.

Our new state-of-art mammography system allows radiologists to detect early stages of breast cancer by providing higher resolutions results. This new system is also more comfortable than traditional mammography systems. Providing again, that we are committed to providing the best care possible.

How Accurate Is Mammography?

Mammography is currently the only examination approved by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to screen for breast cancer in women who do not show any signs or symptoms of the disease. Mammography can detect approximately 85% of breast cancers. If a screening mammography indicates an abnormality, women will most likely be recommended for further breast imaging. Should the imaging confirms or reveals an abnormality, the women may be referred for a biopsy. The diagnosis i.e to rule out if she has breast cancer.

While mammography can occasionally miss breast cancers, it can also detect cancer several years before a lump can be felt. Therefore, it is important for women 40 years of age and older to get a mammogram and have current mammograms compared with previous films to determine whether cancer is beginning to grow.

At PrimaNora Medical Centre , our specially trained female radiographer will assist to perform the mammogram by positioning the breast tissue in the screening equipment.

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