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This Month is All About Breast Cancer Awareness

Our clients at PrimaNora are confident and ready for anything since we prepare them for every possible health issue. When we are aware of the possibilities of breast cancer, we have the tools we need to put up our defenses against it. Your health is the most important thing you can fight for since a healthy body is equipped with possibility. When it comes to cancer of the breasts you can never be too prepared, which is why this month is all about breast cancer awareness.

What is Breast Cancer?

For our clients that don’t know, breast cancer is a serious condition that affects cells in breast tissues that begin to grow uncontrollably. Depending on their nature, women feel lumps in the breasts meaning a tumor has formed from a collection of these cells. Cancerous cells are undercover cells that outgrow normal cells that can sometimes evade our immune system’s first responders that will usually alert us of the abnormal growth. Cancer cells somehow avoid our immune system’s flagging cells, and continue to grow, replicate, and spread throughout the body.

Every organ is made up of specified cells, crafted for a particular function and when these cells serve the same purpose, they are designated to a particular area that carries out that function (the organ). Breast cancer cells are aggressive cells that grow in breast tissues near lymph nodes which make them fast acting cancers if they’re active. There are two types of growths in breasts, benign and malignant; malignant growths are a problem in the breasts. When cancer cells are active near the lymph nodes, it means that these cells have access to the blood stream which flows throughout the body.

Some Precautions We Can Take to Catch Breast Cancer

Early detections are the key to stopping breast cancer in its tracks. When we can catch these cells in the central stage of development, before they’ve had time to spread to other parts of the body besides the breasts, we can get rid of them. At PrimaNora we always tell our clients they should take some time to familiarize themselves with the normal feel of their breast tissue. Before you see the doctor, you may be able to detect any abnormal growths ahead of time. Should your appointment or breast cancer exam come later, you can reschedule it sooner and catch any pre-developmental stages of these cancerous cells. Women in their 40’s should have these regular mammograms and are encouraged to schedule them every two years.

Eat Healthy and Live Well to Beat Cancer Cells

Build up a healthy immune system against breast cancer cells, your first defense mechanism. Eating well, supplemented by regular exercise, will boost healthy cell growth and protein formation. For our clients we regularly tell them that a healthy body is a happy and productive one; your body is a temple and hopefully one that will remain cancer-free. Avoid unhealthy foods that are low in vitamins and nutrients you need to maintain a healthy weight. You are a breast cancer warrior so feed your body well and keep yourself active.

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