Each human being is born unique. Human beings are the product of their genes. Our genes support our uniqueness and most people understand that their individual genetic make-up influences everything from the colour of their eyes, to the colour of their skin, their weight, height and even their susceptibility to various illnesses and diseases. Our genes also determine our body’s response to the food we eat, physical activity and our lifestyle choices, and can therefore have a pronounced influence on our health.

Scientists worldwide, through the advancement of science, now realize and validate the interaction between genes and our lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise and our health.

  • However, there is a common misconception that our “inherited genes” determine our fate in life. Research has in fact shown that this is not necessarily so. You cannot change your “inherited genes” however you can compensate for their influence by maximising your “genetic potential” and changing your health through targeted exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices. A Personal Genetic Profile, including type of gene variants, ordered by a medical practitioner, is a very powerful tool to help you better understand your genetic potential and at the same time maximise your health potential. So how can we identify and understand our individual genetic make-up through Personal Genetic Profiling?

  • Personal Genetic Profiling or DNA Profiling and Nutrigenomics are an exciting new field in the area of personalized medicine and wellness. DNA Profiling is a simple one-time only buccal swap (saliva test) which will equip you with your unique DNA blueprint to help you fully understand and unlock the potential for long term health and wellness. By unraveling your genetic profile, your medical practitioner will guide you on ways to optimize your diet and lifestyle to down-regulate (turn off) genes that have the potential to cause damage and to up-regulate (turn up) genes that have the potential to prevent disease. The synchronizing of your unique DNA profile with a diet and lifestyle suitable for your genes is known as Nutrigenomics. Personalized wellness is the future of healthcare and provides for both Predictive and Preventive Medicine.

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