People who are overweight often look for quick and easy ways to lose weight. But do you realize that to lose weight permanently, you need to make long term changes to your lifestyle? Changes like adopting healthy eating habits and making exercises must be part of your daily routine.

Why Do I Put On Weight?

  • One of the major reasons is overeating. Most of the time, we are taking excess calories through food intake, more than what our body needs. The diagram on this page shows the eating process. Our bodies normally receive signals to tell us that we are full.
  • When we put on weight, this signal that tells us we are full gets delayed and this will lead to overeating.

Why Do You Need To Lose Weight?

Being overweight increases your risk of:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary cancers
  • Bone and joint disorder
  • Early death

You may also experience breathlessness on exertion. Besides reducing health risks, losing excess weight has other benefits:

  • You look better.
  • You feel better.
  • You have more confidence.
  • You move around easier.
  • You become less tired of exertion.

Weight by itself, is not a clear indicator of disease risk. A muscular individual will weigh more but less muscular. This is because weight does not distinguish between lean body mass (muscle) and fat. Too much fat increases a person’s risk of disease. This is why measuring body fat is so important.

How To Test Your Body Fat?


This test not only measures bone density, but it also measures body fat percentage as well as where most of your fat is.

The facts about DEXA:

  • DEXA uses a whole-body scanner and two different low-dose x-rays to read bone mass and soft tissue mass.
  • It takes about 10-20 minutes to do a body scan.
  • It provides a high degree of precision with a 2-3% margin of error.
  • This is considered a gold standard for measuring body fat and bone density.
  • It’s painless.

Compared to other methods currently available, DEXA is the most reliable instrument to measure body fat percentage. DEXA takes a measurement of the entire body and breaks the body into three density components: fat, muscle and bone. An accurate measure of body fat is given as percentage of total body mass based on these three components.

Why Do You Need A Weight Management Programme?

To prevent obesity and it’s associated problems, weight loss important and necessary. Even as little as 5% – 10% weight loss in an obese patient has a significant effect on improving mortality and morbidity. At PrimaNora Medical Centre , all recommendations are carefully made so that you achieve your desired weight.

PrimaNora Medical Centre Weight Management Programme

PrimaNora Weight Management Programme is a holistic and multidiciplinary effort using medical, psychological, dietary modifications, exercise and (as a last option) surgical intervention for weight reduction.

Depending on the respective individual’s requirement, programme may last up to four months. This is to ensure that we help patients prevent and reduce the health consequences of obesity through a supervised weight reduction and weight gain prevention programme. Thus, reduce their risk of chronic health conditions.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

Patients will have to undergo initial assessment by clinicians before they are referred to the weight management programme at PrimaNora. As obesity is a complex medical problem for a successful therapy, an integrated team work is essential.

PrimaNora’s multidisciplinary team, cares for the patients from initial screening all the way to follow-up. Usually, our endocrinologists (physician) would screen for the possible underlying causes of obesity and assess the co-morbidities, and suitability for medical treatment.

Healthy Eating Plan

We are what we eat. All types of food like protein, fat as well carbohydrates, if taken in excess will contribute to extra calories and be stored as fat in the body. Now, you do not need to starve yourself or giving up your favorite food totally. Your doctor will help you to eat 20% less easily in a natural way.

Besides our weight management programme, PrimaNora Medical Centre believes that every women should understand the nutritional value of the food consumed daily to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

It is only at PrimaNora Medical Centre, such service is available by our dedicated personnel to make healthy eating more interesting and enjoyable, by sharing with you exciting food combinations and new cooking ideas to invigorate your healthy eating efforts.

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