As a woman, you may find that other medical facilities focus less on your sexual health but at PrimaNora Medical Centre, we make it our priority. Your sexuality is important to your overall wellbeing and we are here to ensure that you enjoy all aspects of sexual activity.

Unfortunately, the majority of sexually active women have trouble achieving orgasm during sex. In a study of 71 women, 80 percent admitted to faking orgasms and 25 percent said that they fake an orgasm 90 percent of the time.

Although most women are engaging in sexual activity, many of them are not experiencing the satisfaction from sex that they would like. To help you regain a sense of sexual pleasure and achieve an orgasm of greater intensity, we provide the Orgasm-Shot® (or ‘O’ Shot).

Using your body’s very own platelet rich plasma (PRP) and with a simple injection, you can intensify your orgasms in the most natural way possible.

The Importance of Your Orgasm

  • When you experience intense sexual pleasure, you tend to have an orgasm but for many women, these enjoyable feelings are rare.
  • Your sexuality changes for a number of reasons. Childbirth, menopause and medical conditions all lead to sexual dysfunction, which can make you incapable of having an orgasm. There’s even the possibility that you have never had an orgasm before, regardless of whether you have experienced changes to your body composition.
  • The ‘O’ Shot is a nonsurgical and minimally invasive way to treat sexual deficiencies and it is virtually painless to receive. With two simple injections, your vaginal tissues will become more sensitive with an increase in the amount of pleasure you experience during sex.
  • Additionally, the ‘O’ Shot has shown to treat unintentional urination or what is known as stress urinary incontinence. Due to the natural ageing process and a weakened pelvic floor, many women find that they urinate when laughing, sneezing, coughing or exercising, which can cause embarrassment. The O-Shot® activates stem cells in the localised region where the PRP has been injected, which strengthens and regenerates the muscle tissues, preventing unwanted urine flow.

How Does the ‘O’ Shot Work?

The ‘O’ Shot is comprised only of your blood’s own platelets, which are extracted from your arm in a blood sample. The blood is placed into a centrifuge system that separates the white and red blood cells from the platelets, which are then injected into the area around the clitoris and vulva.

Although the blood’s platelets are generally uses for clotting, they contain a number of growth factors that can help regenerate the damaged tissues interfering with your sexual pleasure. Once the PRP is injected, seven different growth factors will work to stimulate collagen production in your skin and increase blood circulation in your vaginal tissues, which will boost sensitivity and improve your chances of orgasm.

Other benefits of the ‘O’ Shot include:
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal tissues
  • Enhanced sexual desire
  • Improved sex life

The ‘O’ Shot will not only increase your ability to have an orgasm, it can improve your wellbeing overall. There are many psychological benefits that come with a healthy sex life and if you are able to enjoy sex more often after receiving the O-Shot®, you may experience a reduction in stress levels, anxiety and feelings of depression as well as increased production, motivation and an improved relationship with your partner.

Receiving Your ‘O’ Shot at PrimaNora

  • The ‘O’ Shot is a one-time procedure that is administered in two injections, which you can receive within the privacy of our medical facility. Your physician can also conduct tests that give you insight into the cause of your sexual dysfunction.
  • To begin your procedure, a topical anaesthetic will be placed around the vagina, which will alleviate any discomfort from the injection. Afterwards, your physician will extract your blood and separate the platelets, which are then injected into the vagina.
  • Because the PRP is extracted from your own body, there is no risk of any adverse reactions. Additionally, you will not experience any downtime after the procedure and can even have sex the same day. Some patients notice a difference in vaginal sensitivity a few days after treatment but most will feel the full effects of their ‘O’ Shot in three to four weeks.
  • Low sex drive, an inability to reach orgasm, difficulties with arousal and painful sex can all be eliminated with the ‘O’ Shot; it can help you find relief and enjoyment in sex again.



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