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At the core of our treatment philosophy is the benefit you receive when your medical care consists of precise customized and Personalised Medicine. PrimaNora Medical Centre is a one-stop facility, focusing on the individual health and aesthetic issues of each patient for both women and men. Devoting ourselves to your unique needs is all that we do, no matter which procedure you receive from us. We are passionate about the value your life holds and want to see you progress into an even healthier individual.

We were established in 2007 by Founder & Executive Chairman Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, who is one of the pioneers of anti-ageing and advanced preventive and integrated medicine in her industry. As a team, we share a goal to be at the forefront of revolutionised medical care in Malaysia. We start with your confidentiality in an exclusive, luxurious and discreet healing environment that moves beyond conventional medical procedures and treats you based on the specific signs that your body presents.


  • With the rise of technological innovation, we are slowly forgetting that healthcare begins and ends with a balance in our bodies. What we consume, our lifestyle habits, our physical activities and personal environments all affect the way our body responds and how we feel on a regular basis.


  • It is often the case that something in our lives is disrupting the balance that makes us feel whole. Whether we are eating the wrong foods, exercising improperly, or engaging in other negative habits like smoking or excessive drinking, we soon begin to feel the imbalance, which results in sickness or a general unhappiness about the way we look and feel.


  • At PrimaNora we combine traditional healthcare (helping you find and maintain your balance) with advanced diagnostic tools required for DNA profiling and regenerative medicine that help you create the proper building blocks for your well being. By focusing on healthcare issues individually, being proactive and working from the ground up, you can improve all aspects of your body that are making you feel unbalanced. We implement preventive care as opposed to simply treating the sickness at hand.


We are transforming medical care with Personalised Medicine, which uses nutrigenomics to show how exactly your genes are responding to your lifestyle. It is common for us to assume that our genes are static — portions of us that remain the same from birth — but in reality, our genes change based on the decisions we make in our lives, which subsequently alter their structure.

When you are able to view your very own genetic profile, the physicians at PrimaNora can make nutritional recommendations perfectly tailored to your health. You are truly unique and your customised health programme will provide proof with treatment plans that focus on no one else’s health but your own.

As an extension of our PrimaNora facility, we offer holistic and high-quality cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments at CallaLyn Aesthetics. For patients in search of comprehensive procedures focused on improving your skin and overall sense of wellbeing, CallaLyn Aesthetics helps you overcome your cosmetic concerns with aesthetic care, hormone therapy and regenerative medicine.

The physicians at PrimaNora are your partners in healthcare; our goal is to help you look and feel better, live longer and prevent complications from arising in the future. With this in mind, we hope to continually improve your quality of life.

If you would like more information about the services we provide, contact us at +603 7728 2886 and schedule a consultation.

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