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Sex and the pregnant woman

THERE are many myths surrounding a pregnant woman and sex. Some people think having sex will harm the baby. Obstetrician and gynaecologist Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar of the Primanora Medical Centre, in Kuala Lumpur, says there is no reason why pregnant women cannot have sex throughout the pregnancy if they are healthy.

“I know the joke about the pregnant woman carrying twins and when she has sex, one child says to the other, ‘Shhh! Daddy’s coming!’ “But the truth is the baby can’t see. They’re so well-cushioned. They’re in an amniotic bag. They’re floating. So they can’t see and they can’t feel anything. “They might be aware that mummy’s happy and if mummy’s happy then baby is happy,” she says. For more answers to your questions on sex and the pregnant woman, go to ParenThots.

Books on autism

This week we have two books for parents of autistic children. The first is Mother Warriors: A Nation Of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds. The book is about Jenny McCarthy’s journey with her autistic son, Evan, as well as how and why she decided to speak up against vaccinations and how changing her son’s diet helped him. We do not know if Evan will ever make a full recovery but so far he’s on the right path. That is what Jenny tells us.

Jenny has made it her crusade to share her story with the world and in doing so she has met many parents who support her and say they share her opinions and beliefs. She spends time talking to some of these parents and this book presents their stories as they come to terms with their children’s autism, pick up the courage to fight it and go all out to find ways and means to try to help their children.

The other book is Does My Child Have Autism? It’s a basic book answering all your questions about autism. If there is a first book to get as an introduction to autism, then this is probably it. Borders is offering a 20% discount on both books. Just print out the evoucher at the end of the book review and present it at any Borders bookstore.

Family Day updates

We have additional news on the ParenThots Family Day. Dilmah tea is coming in to provide free tea sampling. So tea lovers, you know where to head! What is so special about Dilmah tea? Well, apparently it is a single-origin tea and it is packed garden fresh. Besides free boxes of Kellogg Coco Pops waiting to be given away, you can also expect to get Nimm2 stick candy and Nimm2 soft candy. Each candy is said to be filled with seven essential vitamins and delicious fruit juice. The prize sponsors are MPH, Kidz Spot, Scholastic Books, The Tango Mango Gift Shop, Fusion Academy of Performing Arts Malaysia and Pizza Hut.

Sponsors of giveaway items are Kellogg Malaysia, Nimm2 and Dilmah. Diode! Camp will also be on hand to tell parents more about its youth camps. For more information go to http://

The Star Newspaper, November 18, 2009

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