In cellular therapy, there are no hormones. It successfully revitalize and enhance your quality of life so that you remain more youthful, healthier, stronger and live longer. Cellular therapy has a long term effect because it stimulates your body’s own healing and revitalisation process unlike pharmaceutical medications that last as long as they are not broken down by your own metabolic process.

Placenta extract possesses a variety of medicinal benefits:
Tissue repair function: by regenerating cells, tissues and organs it helps to replace damaged cells with healthy new cells.

  • Anti inflammatory function
  • Improve immune system function against diseases
  • Improve alertness, mental awareness and sleep patterns
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reduces fatigue and enhances stamina and energy level
  • Renewing sexual satisfaction
  • Stabilizes weight to a normal level
  • Decreases serum concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Decreases pre-menstrual tension and related feminine problems
  • Reduces pre-menopause syndrome

Placental extract is also highly valued for its aesthetic benefits:
Improving skin elasticity, thickness and enhances skin texture

  • Brightens skin and lightens skin pigmentation
  • Refining facial pores and glow to skin
  • Regeneration of skin cell and collagen production
  • Provides nutrients and enhance the mosturising effect on the aging dry skin.
  • Removal of fine wrinkles, blemishes and repairs acne scars
  • Stimulates hair restoration
  • Improves sagging skin
  • Connective tissue renewal function and
  • Promotes blood circulation of the skin

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